Wye Vs Delta (An overview)

I’m not sure why, but people get their knickers in a bunch when it comes to 3 phase.  In this Facebook live video I go over the two different configurations for 3 phase. I go over their uses and how different they really are. Stay tuned for more videos on 3 phase as it seems to be a common issue and problem. As always you can reach me anytime at chad@theelectricacademy.com. Make sure you check out the courses offered here.  I am constantly adding to them and you have lifetime access! I have a 50% discount for apprentices and students.  Use the coupon code: student.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

Comments on Wye Vs Delta (An overview)

  1. Tony V says:

    Thanks for the informative video Chad! I am a fourth year apprentice and find this very interesting and think you should definitely make another video jumping further into the whole 3 phase delta wye configurations including the math and wiring behind this and also including the high leg side and how you would actually wire these configurations. Have a good one.

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