I have been asked a number of times what resources I like to use when teaching and when researching for my blog so I thought that I would compile a list of books, movies and Web tools that I use.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom for the web resources.  There are some great ones that I have found.  If there is anything you think of that could be added let us know.  Remember this site is for all of us not just me 🙂

If you click on the pictures below it will take you to an amazon link.  In the interest of full disclosure if you buy off of that link I get a small commision 🙂


Delmars standard textbook of electricity

This is my go to resource.  Delmars has a way of breaking down hard to explain concepts and making them accessible for anyone.  When it comes to trying to teach or understand something in the electrical field this is invaluable.

AC fundamentals

This one may not be as user friendly as Delmars, but wow is there a lot of good stuff in here.  Literally it has everything you could want to know about Alternating current.

Code simplified

I love this book and still refer to it for side jobs.  There is a bigger more expensive version for the entire code while this one focuses on residential wiring.  Sorry to my American friends, this book is based off of the Canadian electrical code.  Don’t worry though I have an option for you guys too. Just look below.

Mike Holts Illustrated guide to the NEC

If you’re an electrician and you have a hard time understanding some code issues (NEC) Mike Holt is great!  He has a ton of resources available online.

Uglys Electrical reference

This book is a must have for any electricians toolbox.  It is a great reference guide containing mathematical formulas, National Electrical Code tables, wiring configurations, conduit bending, voltage drops, and life-saving first aid procedures. Fantastic resource.


Mad Electricity

This is a great documentary about Nikola Tesla.  If you don’t walk away from watching this with a hate on for Edison then I’ll eat my hat.

The man with no name trilogy

These movies have nothing to do with electricity and have everything to do with being the coolest movies ever!!!!


There is so much out there.  I am constantly researching things online. Below are a few of my favorite youtube channels and websites:

Youtube channels:

Doc shuster–  This guy does a great job explaining physics.  Some of it goes beyond what is required for us to know in electrical but it is interesting non the less.

Khan academy–  If you haven’t heard of these guys then you’ve been living under a rock.  They have lessons on EVERYTHING!

Mike Holt–  I told you this guy was cool.  For all you Americans out there he is an amazing resource for the NEC.

Electroboom– Not only does he have the best unibrow on youtube but he is freaking hilarious!  He is like the Jackass of electrical.  You’ll laugh but you’ll also learn something.

Tyler Tarver– He teaches high school math and physics and he is awesome!  Well worth checking out if you have any questions on math or physic concepts.  He is pretty funny too.


Khan academy– Yup here they are again.

Mike Holt–  Seriously check him out.

Reddit–  There is a wealth of information in here.  It isn’t called the front page of the internet for nothing.  Don’t be intimidated by it.  Get in there and find a subreddit to follow.  Get involved in discussions.

Quora–  A great place to go and ask questions.  I usually have an answer from a ton of different users within minutes of posting a question.

The Electric Academy– Need I say more?