How I use Evernote to stay organized in the trade!

Evernote saved my life (Ok maybe not but it is pretty awesome!)

When I first started my own electrical contracting business, I felt on top of the world.

I was ticketed and I had worked hard at becoming a great electrician.  Running my own business should be easy like Sunday morning, right?


Sure I could do the work, that wasn’t the problem.  Where the problems started was when it came time to invoice for the work I had done.

I never kept track of my hours, lost receipts, forgot emails.  It was a nightmare.  It made my invoicing day a nightmare.  So I kept putting it off.  This only made things worse.

Clients were getting mad, the wholesalers wanted to be paid, I had a monthly nut I had to cover at home.

Does this sound familiar?

This is where the wonder app Evernote comes in.

I struggled to get by with a system I had worked out.  It was better than nothing but not much.  One day I had a friend show me Evernote on his phone and my mind was blown.  The possibilities were endless.

I started to develop a system using Evernote right away.  It has gone through several iterations but now here I sit 5 years later with a well-oiled machine.  Invoicing is actually enjoyable and I am positive that I am not leaving any money on the table.

How can Evernote work for you, a contractor?

Evernote has become my digital filing cabinet.  The nice thing is I can carry the filing cabinet around in my pocket.  I can also have access to it on any other device that has the internet.

Here are a few things I use it for:

Storing receipts

There is an app that Evernote has created called Scannable.  It turns your smart phone camera into a scanner.  All you do is open the app, take a picture and scannable sends the file directly to your Evernote account.

If you only use Evernote for this one feature it is 100% worth it.

Tracking hours and tasks

I used to keep all my hours and daily tasks in a note book.  The only problem is I would lose the notebook.

Now at the end of the day, I open Evernote up and write in my hours and everything I did.  It takes me 2 minutes.  If I ever have a question from a client about a certain day.  I open up my wonder app, go to the AMAZING search function, type in the day and there it is.

Tracking materials

There is a list feature in Evernote that makes me fall in love with it everytime I use it.  I am able to create a list with checkboxes.  When I go to the wholesaler and I receive what I need, I just check it off.

Gone are the days of writing a material list on a piece of cardboard and then losing it.

Storing emails and Drawings

Evernote allows me to send important emails directly to the app (they give you an email).  It is also super easy to store PDF’s and JPEGs.

Again the amazing search function makes all these files a breeze to find later.

Tell me more!

There are literally books written on the subject.  This post comes complete with a video on how I use it and all the useful functions it has.

Lucky for you I have also put together an online course on the topic.  Click here for more information There have been many contractors who have taken the course and finally felt the knot untie in their stomach.

Check it out.  I have made a few sections free for viewing.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

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