10 apps for Electricians

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More and more our phones are becoming tools (Whether the old school cares to admit it or not).

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of 10 apps that I think would be useful for electricians. This is by no means a definitive list:

1. Ohms law

An app for both Apple and Android devices. It is very simple and very easy to use. It is a great app for when you are trying to determine voltage, current, resistance and/or power dissipated.

It is free to an extent. There are calculations such as 3 phase, transformers, resistance color codes that are in app purchases.

Click here for the Android version

Click here for the IOS version

2. Electric wiring Pro

Want an Android only app? Electric wiring pro is an amazing resource. Not only does it have a ton of calculators but there is a lot of different tables and calculations for the NEC. It does cost $2.49 but I was blown away by how much the app offered for that price.

Click here for the Android version

3. Wire size

You didn’t think I was going to leave you IOS users hanging, did you? This app allows you to quickly determine the proper wire size for any kind of electrical project. It is based on the NEC as well and it’s free!

Click here for the IOS version

4. Electrodroid

For you electronic guys out there, this app is a must have. In it, there is a ton of reference material for electronics. It even helps you source parts you need! There are free versions and paid versions (ad free)

Click here for the Android version

Click here for the IOS version

5. Every circuit

Such an awesome (and addicting) app for students. You can build circuits on your phone and see how everything interacts! Be careful this one could keep you glued to your phone but so useful for those struggling to understand circuits in school.

Click here for Android version

Click here for IOS version

6. Electrical pro

There is nothing that this app won’t calculate for you. The best part? It is up to date with the latest NEC! It also allows you to check back on other years of code as well. It is a very powerful app. The only downside is that it comes with a pretty expensive price tag $29.99.

Click here for Android version

Click here for IOS version

7. Slack

This is my go to app for staying in touch with my team. It is a group messaging app on steroids. You can keep in contact with your whole team, share files, assign tasks. It is pretty much essential for my day to day. I will actually be doing a tutorial on how I use it in the near future.

Click here to get to the website (You can download the mobile version there as well)

8. Trello

As a task management app, Trello is AMAZING. I use it for tracking all my jobs. It has a great user-friendly interface and uses a drag and drop principle. It is easy to set up checklists and set notifications for certain dates. This is another app I am working on a tutorial for.

Click here to get to the website (You can download the mobile version there as well)

9. Invoice2go

My go to invoicing app. it is quick and user-friendly. You can insert a logo and send off professional looking invoices and estimates. It integrates easily with QuickBooks. I have used this for the past few years and have had no issues. The support is also amazing!

Click here for the Android version

Click here for the IOS version

10. Evernote

If you have been following me at all, you knew this had to make the list. Evernote is my go to app for EVERYTHING. Tracking time, materials, tasks, receipts and more! If you can use an email app, then you can use Evernote. I have actually built a course on how to use it for your business. If you want to see how I use it click here.

Click here for the Android version

Click here for the IOS version

Click here for more information on the course

Well there you have it, a quick run down of apps I think would be useful for electricians. Are there any that you are using? What would you like to see added to the list?

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